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      • New company website, we will as in the past to provide customers with more excellent service, satisfied with the product.
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      • Company:Wuxi Feiyun ball Industry Co., Ltd.
      • Contacts:Miss yu
      • mobile phone:18015345030
      • Telephone:0510-85995007
      • fax:0510-85994758
      • Email:fyg@fygwx.com
      • Zip code:214092
      • Address:Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5

      Wuxi Feiyun "high-speed precision heavy-duty ball bearings" was identified as the provincial high-tech products

      Wuxi Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a research, development, production, sales and service as one of the specialized production bearing with high precision long sound life ball of the scale enterprises.
      After a year of research and innovation, Wuxi Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd. developed "high-precision precision heavy-duty ball bearings" Ball, access to the user's praise, the product in December 2015 by the Office of Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province was identified as high-tech products.
      In recent years, Wuxi Feiyun Ball Industry Co., Ltd. to speed up the transformation and upgrading, increase R & D investment, access to a number of national patents, has been identified as private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the state high-tech enterprises and small and medium enterprises in Jiangsu Province science and technology. Enterprise has developed the "long-life high-precision steel ball without exception", "intelligent ball counting automatic packaging system", "precision high-speed mute ball bearings", "high-precision precision heavy-duty ball bearings" are Jiangsu Science and Technology Department Identified as high-tech products. New product development, to the development of enterprises has brought sufficient vitality to enable enterprises in the severe economic situation is still maintained a good economic efficiency, while high-end bearing manufacturing industry has played a very good thrust.


      • Address: Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5
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