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      • Company:Wuxi Feiyun ball Industry Co., Ltd.
      • Contacts:Miss yu
      • mobile phone:18015345030
      • Telephone:0510-85995007
      • fax:0510-85994758
      • Email:fyg@fygwx.com
      • Zip code:214092
      • Address:Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5

      Wuxi Feiyun "high-speed precision CNC machine tools bearing ball" was identified as the provincial high-tech products

      Wuxi Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the specialized production bearing with high precision and long life of steel ball-scale enterprises.

      After more than a year of research and innovation, Wuxi Feiyun research and development of the "high-speed precision CNC machine tool ball bearings," high precision, long life, after testing and use of the state to meet the basic life of more than 10 times the rated speed for 50000r / min Of the bearings, with the world-class ball comparable to access to the user's praise, the product in July 2016 by the Office of Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province was identified as high-tech products.

      Wuxi Feiyun production of "precision high-speed mute ball bearing ball" in July 2016 by the Wuxi City Commission by the letter as "the focus of Wuxi City to promote the application of new technologies and new products," where the procurement of enterprises in Wuxi reached 100 million yuan , Can enjoy 3% of the financial subsidies. Wuxi financial boost fly ball industry boutique to market, increase market competitiveness.

      In recent years, Wuxi Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd. to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, increase R & D investment and the protection of intellectual property rights, the state more than 10 patents, has been identified as private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the state high-tech enterprises And Jiangsu Province, science and technology SMEs. The enterprise has developed the "long life and high precision precision steel ball", "steel ball intelligent counting automatic packaging system", "precision high speed mute bearing steel ball", "high speed precision heavy duty bearing steel ball" "high speed precision CNC machine tool bearings Ball "are the Office of Science and Technology in Jiangsu Province identified as high-tech products, and has been a number of high-end bearing manufacturing enterprises recognition and use. New product development, to the development of enterprises has brought sufficient vitality to enable enterprises in the severe economic situation remains a good momentum and economic benefits, while high-end bearing manufacturing industry has played a very good boost role .


      Promulgation and Application of Wuxi New Technology

      New product catalog (first batch) notice

      The city (county), the district by the letter (issued) Committee (bureau):

      In accordance with the spirit of the document "Opinions of the Provincial Government on Further Strengthening the Application of New Technology and New Products" (Su Zhengfa [2012] No. 96), in order to speed up the development and popularization and application of new technology and new products in our city, ), The district merit recommendation, expert review part, 69 new technology and new products included in Wuxi City, promote the use of the directory (the first batch), is announced, since the date of publication within three years from the date.


      Annex: Wuxi City, focus on promoting the application of new technologies and new products directory (the first batch)

      Wuxi Economic and Information Technology Commission

      July 27, 2016


      • Address: Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5
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