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      • New company website, we will as in the past to provide customers with more excellent service, satisfied with the product.
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      • Company:Wuxi Feiyun ball Industry Co., Ltd.
      • Contacts:Miss yu
      • mobile phone:18015345030
      • Telephone:0510-85995007
      • fax:0510-85994758
      • Email:fyg@fygwx.com
      • Zip code:214092
      • Address:Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5

      "Bearing industry" on my company management innovation mode of special reports

      Wuxi Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a research, development, production, sales and service as one of the specialized production bearing with high precision long sound life ball of the scale enterprises.

      In recent years, Wuxi Feiyun Ball Industry Co., Ltd. to speed up transformation and upgrading, and achieved gratifying results. February 2015 "bearing industry" on the Feiyun ball industry management innovation model to "consolidate the foundation to speed up the transformation and upgrading" as the title of the special report.



      • Address: Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5
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