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      Consolidate the foundation to accelerate the transformation and upgrading

      Editor's note: the face of the homogenization of the market increasingly competitive external environment, all enterprises want to achieve through the transformation of enterprise upgrades, and the transition is a difficult choice for the enterprise process, the transformation will turn to die, not Transformation is considered to die. Wuxi City Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd. has been difficult, and in the enterprise transformation and upgrading of the road, the first solid foundation, and then take the initiative to transition innovation and development, and achieved gratifying results.

      In the bearing steel ball industry, Wuxi Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd. Although the scale is not large, but a minor celebrity, not only because it is one of China's top ten ball factory, but because it has high-quality products, unique Management and profound corporate content, ball industry, not only many companies admire the management of Feiyun ball industry, steel ball industry, many operators want to enter through various channels Feiyun ball industry in order to be able to improve their worth , Feiyun ball industry for the Feiyun ball industry's reputation and pride.

      Jiangsu, Zhejiang area along the ball industry has been circulating the "Feiyun ball industry with the worst equipment to make a very good ball" and "Feiyun ball industry with a simple process to make high-quality products," saying Is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake at the foot of Lingshan Giant Buddha production of high-precision ball of the star enterprises - Wuxi Feiyun Ball Co., Ltd., a garden-like factory in front of the most striking is the company's main road side The cultural wall and the conference room covered with a variety of honor certificates of the entire wall, the national high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, science and technology SMEs, outstanding private enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu high-tech products, Brand-name products, science and technology R & D institutions in Wuxi City, advanced production safety units, production safety standardization unit and other certificates.


      First, re-enterprise culture, shaping the enterprise content

      Feiyun ball culture wall publicity window has entrepreneurial spirit, life standards, advanced individuals, business profiles, objectives, principles, eight honor eight shame, security responsibility. Feiyun ball industry gives the first impression, is a strong corporate culture atmosphere. Feiyun ball spirit of enterprise "exquisite, honest, humble and harmonious" is the soul of enterprise development, talking about the spirit of enterprise, Chairman Ma Guowei said "exquisite" is the first, "fine" is the pursuit of fine extreme, poor equipment Is not terrible, but the work must be fine, the pursuit of quality must be extreme, we focus on the details of the quality of things that affect the ball, no matter how good the equipment, if the operator is also difficult to make sloppy workers high-quality products, we do is use character Casting steel ball boutique.

      Feiyun ball industry standards are: "shame, integrity, loyalty filial piety, Thanksgiving", this life criteria inspire every Feiyun people. First of all to be a sense of shame, Feiyun ball industry skilled workers have this awareness, the individual poor technical staff can consciously aware of the gap and work hard, so that the ball within the industry formed a catch you catch the competitive situation, So that Feiyun the performance of the ball industry can continue to improve.

      Only by corporate culture propaganda is not enough, the most important thing is to make employees feel the warmth of the company, Feiyun ball company leaders in dealing with problems when there is a transposition thinking, and workers to heart for heart, for the sake of employees everywhere , The staff encountered difficulties, the initiative to resolve, not only concerned about the work of the company leaders are more concerned about employee life, the lifting of the worries of the workers with a grateful heart to do the work, the boss is also a grateful heart to care for employees life.

      These excellent corporate culture, training staff with the initiative to pursue high-quality awareness and a high degree of loyalty to the enterprise. Shaping the positive and dedicated staff of the spirit of ownership and stability of the workforce to ensure the stability of the quality.


      Second, people-oriented, shape the team cohesion

      People are the first element of product quality, a lot of bosses brought workers on the headache, that the poor quality of workers, low ability, and in Feiyun ball industry is completely different, the management of a unique way, the company management that each company Of the staff are excellent, everyone has the advantage and expertise, the key is to see what post, chairman of Guoyuan Zhigao Ren Ren, play each person's expertise, the most suitable for each person on his post, so that Its ability to get the maximum play. On the work of careful people on the most demanding lapping process, the rough work of the people, on the implementation of automated post-secondary control, so that it can not be rough. One person one post, each doing their duty, so that each year in the advanced individual and outstanding staff appraisal difficult, because everyone is excellent.

      Enterprises to adopt the management of human nature, not late to leave early assessment management, to get off work relatively free, to work to send children to school is normal, but the staff is very conscious, people change their minds, the enterprise relaxed and free management, so that workers more hard dry Live, in order to complete the planned tasks can consciously work overtime, the work done very well.

      Everywhere for the sake of employees, enterprises and more foreign workers, out of work are to make money, the factory almost no holidays on weekdays to meet the needs of workers to work to make money, but the annual Spring Festival holiday 15 days, so that workers back home a little loose, Happy Spring Festival.

      Additional length of service award, the longer the staff working hours in the unit, the higher the bonus, stability, excellent workforce.

      3 days a year, collective tourism, training the staff of the collective concept, an increase of staff glory. This business people-oriented management and excellent corporate culture so that the entire Feiyun ball team cohesion strong. All staff united, to overcome one after another difficulties, so that product quality and technical and economic indicators every year to a new level.


      Third, re-quality management lay firm foundation

      From the beginning of the company put the quality of the first place, Chairman Ma Guowei soberly recognized: a few second-hand equipment from the small business started with the state-owned large enterprises or industry leading enterprises compared or contend only seriously do a good job Quality, in order to have our market gap, the product quality has become an irreconcilable red line.

      Selection of good materials, strict raw materials. Strict inspection of the process off to achieve the finished surface of the photoelectric automatic detection of full coverage. All found glitches, cracks, burns, burns and other optoelectronic ball is difficult to remove all the defects, no matter how much proportion, even if found within a batch should also be a whole batch of waste disposal, to see a lot of good ball when the waste But the boss that the zero-defect products is our pursuit, we must not sacrifice the quality of products in exchange for immediate benefits, to the customer's products to the customer's product quality, Zero defects must be guaranteed. In 2014 the abolition of low-grade products, all production of high-end products to ensure that each batch of storage of steel ball must meet the needs of high-end customers. The middle of the process found in this process can not eliminate the quality of bad batches, all end of life treatment. Scrapping the standard requirements are extremely strict, short-term high cost of quality caused by the factory, but the long-term, the workers themselves feel distressed products scared, more stringent requirements themselves, product quality is on the rise.

      Heavy process improvement and innovation, to promote quality improvement. In 2013 the company set up a research and development, the establishment of the ball R & D test workshop, specifically to explore new technology for continuous improvement of quality to provide technical support.

      The pursuit of quality never-ending, Feiyun the ball constantly challenge themselves, continuously improve the quality and ensure a stable high-end customer base, the scale of production steadily expanding, character casting of the ball boutique, reinforce the basis for enterprise development, For the rapid and steady development of enterprises to create a prerequisite.


      Fourth, to promote innovation and management efficiency

      The implementation of target management. Feiyun ball industry to develop an overall target plan every year, and the goal of decomposition to the monthly and each responsible person, although the development of the target plan is relatively high, such as waste loss reduction of 30% per annum, the average annual wage growth of 15% Consumption, auxiliary material consumption reduced by 5% per year, many people think that difficult to complete, but the goal is formulated, the chairman of the board for each target plan to develop specific improvement programs, and supervise the implementation of the Chairman Ma Guowei has been saying that " More difficult "is the focus on the implementation of management thinking so that the quality of the objectives are achieved each year.

      The implementation of contract system, and tap the human potential. People's potential is huge, in order to tap the potential of each, the company implemented in the main workshop contract responsibility system. So that the head of the workshop or team leader has become a small boss, their work to their own, improve the quality of production, consumption down, the workers income increased, the potential of individuals has been the greatest play, the enterprise has also been benefits.

      The implementation of information technology strategic management. In order to strengthen the management, we cooperated with Jiangnan University to develop JDDFS / R8, a digital factory management platform for steel balls. This system integrates ERP enterprise resource technology, PLM product data management, MES manufacturing execution system, OA office automation, human resources Information management, cost analysis management system, specifically for the ball set up a specific production value tracking assessment management, consumption analysis of various materials assessment management, analysis and management of electricity assessment, analysis and management of various quality data to facilitate the data Of the analysis, to achieve a paperless office, easy to make the right decision-making high-level leadership.

      The establishment of a video surveillance security management system. From the material into the plant to all production plants, warehouses, office buildings and other key areas need to monitor, all installed high-definition camera, basically do not monitor dead ends, and achieve remote monitoring.

      Management system innovation, the quality of enterprises has been greatly improved, significantly reduce the cost of production, benefit naturally more and more good, good economic returns for the development of enterprises laid the foundation.


      Fifth, to promote the transformation and innovation to promote development

      The face of market competition, steel ball competition has reached a white-hot level, transformation and upgrading is an inevitable trend, or transition, or die, the chairman of the ball industry Ma Guowei in the end of 2012 in the conference room wrote a couplet "Enterprise transformation and upgrading without delay, the perception of the situation since when work hard" batch "difficult to advance", there is thought to put into action.

      Based on the ball of the industry, so fine and stronger steel boutique. 2013 to increase investment to promote the ball bearing ball product upgrades, an increase of heat treatment process secondary tempering process, the ball more stable performance, the success of the "low noise steel ball" transformation and upgrading to "long-life precision steel ball "And adopted by the Office of Science and Technology of Jiangsu high-tech products that. In the face of bearing high-speed mute and high reliability requirements, in 2014 once again increase R & D investment, improved heat treatment and grinding process, the ball life expectancy exceeds the national standard rated life of more than five times, mute effect is more significant, reliability better. Research and development of "precision high-speed mute ball bearings" Jiangsu Science and Technology Department of the high-tech products that. Ball quality upgrade, in the other peers feel the winter when Feiyun ball products in short supply, production overtime, confirming the "not afraid of no market, not afraid of the quality of" stories.

      Sight business opportunities, the development of steel ball auxiliary equipment. Do ball people know that steel ball auxiliary equipment seriously restricts the ball product quality and production costs, because the status of the industry stand-alone operation, artificial labor, quality depends on the quality of people to ensure that people's emotional impact on quality is very Big. Ball production of auxiliary equipment, intelligent, automated, personalized is a development trend. In 2013, the company started to research and manufacture steel ball auxiliary equipment, and jointly developed the first automatic ball counting and counting system in China with Changchun University of Science and Technology. It obtained high-tech product identification of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, and made part of production process intelligent And automation, reduce labor costs, products have been declared national invention patents, are now looking for partners, savings capacity, so that the rapid spread of the market. At the same time vertical ball grinding machine automatic ball technology, steel ball cleaning products, such as automatic washing line automatic washing aids in research and development planning.

      Based on the industry, the development of rolling bearing roller grinding waste iron utilization. With the innovative concept of Ma Guowei could not bear the lonely, see the ball grinding iron scrap so fine steel bearing waste as a solid waste treatment (not only can not make money, but also to pay the waste disposal fee) very sad, determined to study the rolling bearing Grinding waste iron scrap project in 2013 with the Beijing University of Technology signed a technical cooperation agreement, the current laboratory research results have been out. Turning waste into treasure, the embryonic form of circular economy has emerged.

      Based on the fine steel ball in the traditional industries at the same time, the transition to the Chaoyang industry development. In early 2013, Changzhou Feiyun Energy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was set up and entered into the emerging Chaoyang industry - LNG compressed natural gas equipment manufacturing. The use of natural gas green energy instead of petrochemical energy is the main way to prevent haze. It belongs to Chaoyang industry, Rapid development. 2014 sales revenue has reached more than 2000 million, the benefits are considerable.

      Feiyun ball industry in science and technology innovation at the same time, pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, within two years has received more than 10 national patents, there are a number of invention patents in the application review stage. Companies pay attention to brand building, the use of the Internet and trade associations to increase the intensity of the FYG brand publicity, FYG brand has been in the high-end bearing industry enjoys popular support.
      Listening to Chairman Ma Guowei Feiyun introduction, heartfelt of the ball industry, the management model and innovation model produced admiration. Transformation of innovation and upgrading of the road though difficult, but it will give the development of enterprises to bring a qualitative leap, I believe that the ball industry must be better tomorrow!

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