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      • New company website, we will as in the past to provide customers with more excellent service, satisfied with the product.
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      Influence of Steel Ball Quality Factors

      Our company is mainly to the production of steel-based enterprises, adhering to the "credibility of the first, service-oriented, technology leadership, quality assurance," the business purpose of unremittingly implement the "people-oriented, Societe Generale, management standards" business development guiding ideology , Continuous improvement of product quality, improve the manufacturing strength and service capabilities to "maximize the enthusiasm of each employee" for the development of the country. Today to tell you about the factors affecting the quality of the ball.

      1 Material density effects: steel ball, cast iron ball, alloy steel ball, different density of different materials, steel density than cast iron, alloy steel according to the main alloying element density and content different and different.
      2 steel ball manufacturing methods impact: rolling and forging the ball compact structure, so the density, casting the cast steel ball, cast iron ball or casting alloy ball organization is not very dense, and even pores, so the density is small some.
      3 steel ball microstructure effects: martensite, austenite, bainite, ferrite and other different crystal structures are not the same density, also affect the fineness of the crystal.
      4 chemical composition element effect: steel ball in the finished product because of the chemical composition contained in such as iron, carbon, chromium, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other components of the ball hardness, impact wear have different degrees of impact, in general, Containing large amount of chromium, the ball wear resistance.

      • Address: Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5
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