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      Steel ball processing process


      1 cold heading (also called cold stamping or cold press) -- under the condition of normal temperature, using special equipment and mold, processing method of the raw material plastic deformation and the formation of ball billet.

      The 2 light grinding (or ball) -- some light grinding and grinding two. It is the use of two special alloy cast iron disc after quenching, groove is working at a fixed disc and a rotating disk surface under the action of pressure ball billet in high rotation,grinding ball blank zone, poles and some allowance, the ball billets into the early processing method of spherical.

      3 heat treatment -- make semi-finished steel ball grinding or polishing of optical processing, processing method afterquenching and tempering for microstructure and hardness of the.

      4 hard abrasive -- using a fixed with guide groove cast iron plate and a rotating grinding wheel under certain pressure, the steel ball quenching after receipt of rolling grinding in the two set in the groove, remove heat treatment decarburized layer and other defects, to further improve the precision and surface quality of spherical ball processing method.

      5 strengthening treatment (some call processing pressure treatment, hardening) -- after semi-finished steel heat treatment orhard grinding in purpose-made special strengthening machine, ball weight or mechanical energy into each other's role, so the steel ball surface of metal plastic deformation, improve the ball surface pressure processing method and surface hardness, or with a special heat treatment to change the ball surface metal chemical composition, processing methods of improving thestrength of the surface ball.

      6 initial research -- by two the cast iron disc, emery or other end, using water or oily liquid lubricating coolant pressure, in thebox under the action of mechanical motion, make semi-finished steel ball lapping received in the two set in the groove, rub someallowance, processing method to process the required accuracy and the surface quality.

      The 7 lapping (a) -- by two the cast iron disc, with chromium oxide or other abrasive, in mechanical motion pressure boxrotating disk, so the steel ball from rolling grinding grooves on the two disc, grinding to small allowance, achieve the processingmethod is the required accuracy and surface.

      The 8 lapping (two) -- the two grooved iron plate, with chromium oxide or other abrasive, rotating machinery movement of therotating disk in the pressure box, so that the ball is rolling grinding grooves on the two disc, grinding to small allowance, further improve the steel ball surface quality, improve the ball shape error and precision, processing methods to achieve high precisionsteel ball.

      • Address: Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5
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