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      • New company website, we will as in the past to provide customers with more excellent service, satisfied with the product.
      • ·About Us
      • Wuxi Fei Yun Steel Ball Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing high precision,low noise&long life steel balls,The annual output is 1800 million Nos.Our company's policy is " Delicateness...[More]
      • ·Contact Us
      • +86-0510-85995007
      • Miss Wu
      • 18262295970
      • fyg@fygwx.com
      • Wuxi City Mashan town Bibo branch No. 4-5
      • High speed precision heavy bearing steel ball
      • Automotive Ball Bearings
      • High - speed precision CNC machine tools bearing steel ball
      • Precision high-speed mute bearings steel ball
      • Precision ball
      • Miniature steel ball
      • Stainless steel ball
      • Long life and high precision steel ball without abnormal sound
      • FYG brand steel ball
      • Address: Wuxi Mashan town Bibo Road No. 4-5
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